HGUC Blue Destiny Unit 1 EXAM

HGUC Blue Destiny Unit 1 EXAM: work by イタミテック (images, info, credits)

Ignoring seams, ignoring gates, basic lacquer painting + simple materials made it fun from beginning to end.
The rifle has a small tip of Banshee’s Magnum, and it looks voluminous but weak.
As for the hand, I used Robomani round finger S and Robot Spirits verANIME beam saber handle.(ライフルはバンシィのマグナムの先端を小さくして、ボリュームあるけど弱そうにw
At the time of EXAM, I tried to add a color like that the beam saber expands and the output source glows red

Work by イタミテック
aka: itamitech on Twitter