HGBF A-Z Plus Gundam custom

Improved, custom paint HGBF A-Z Plus Gundam: images, info

I got A-Z Gundam at a thrift shop, so I painted it.
Color chart
Gray: Gray FS36118 and Grayish Blue FS35237
Purple: Lavender
Fluorescent red: Fluorescent red (Creos) + red
Ζ Plus was all gray, but I tried to make the gray two-tone, but it was a good feeling personally. I thought about light blue and orange like Ζ plus, but I chose purple.
What I was particular about was making the twin eyes red. However, if it is just red, the twin eyes will not stand out, so I used Creos fluorescent red. However, fluorescent red is not very reddish, so I mixed a small amount of red to make it more reddish.
The repair point was to sharpen the chin on the face a little. I put a brass pipe at the tip of the barrel of two more beam rifles.
Since it was a second-hand item, it was difficult to stand on its own because the joints were loose overall, but the permanent varnish made the joints more astringent.

S-shaped standing I still can’t take a good pose

Vernier painted inside with Royal Metal Red
I put in a brass pipe and it felt a little real.
It is a good kit with high play value.
The presence of fluorescent red stands out when exposed to black light.

Work by iwaitati