HGIBO 1/144 Gundam Gremory Review

This is the Review for HGIBO 1/144 Gundam Gremory: many images too.

Gundam Gremory has been newly made into a kit from the HG Iron-Blooded Orphans series.
The price is 1,980 yen.
The only accessories are the battle anchor and the handle.
The attached stickers are twin eyes and white shoulders.
Comes with a foil sticker to supplement the gray color of the backpack, shoulders, ankles, etc.
Since it is an iron-blooded Orphans series, the runner of the Gundam frame is diverted.
It was Gundam Frame 4 that was diverted.
The Ms features a hood-like nano-laminate coat that covers the head, and is combined with weapons to create a silhouette that looks like a god of death.
It is a kit that uses a Gundam frame, but because the heel is heel-shaped, it is quite tall,
There is also a booster on the back, so it is a fairly voluminous MS.

Since the Gundam frame is diverted to the joints, ABS is not used and PC002 is used for the poly cap.
Although it is the color scheme of the MS, the rough parts are color-coded by dividing the parts.
It is necessary to supplement the gray of small parts such as the inside of the duct with a seal or paint.
The nano-laminate coat like a hood is movable.

The head is exposed by sliding it to the back.
The head has huge antennas on both sides, which is also a terrifying design.

Head up
There is a seam on the back of the head, but it is not so noticeable due to the design.
The design of the mask is also unique.

With a hood on it.
The shape is such that the mask part is covered as well as the head.
There is a notch in the antenna part, but there is a part where movement is restricted.
Red fins stick out on the chest.
The fins were molded sharp enough.
You can also move the armor around the neck.

The armor of the body is attached by sandwiching the frame from the front and back.
The booster connection hole was 3mm.
Since the hood is designed to be integrated with the back armor, it is difficult to divert the backpack from other iron-blooded MS.

The nano-laminate coat slides without replacement.
The wing-like booster on the back can swing and rotate.
There are also details on the back side, and the gray inside the red part can be supplemented with a sticker.
The booster is divided into left and right, but the seams are stepped down and molded.

The large shoulder armor is divided into front and back, but the seams are stepped down and molded.
There is a sticker on the triangular white mold and the gray on the side.
The side armor is movable.

The arm has a large flat hand and is powerful.
However, the wrist of this MS is red only at the fingertips and gray after that, so if you are particular about it, you need to paint it.
There is a sticker on the gray part of the arm.

The armor of the forearm is movable as shown in the image.
You can hold it like a shield.

The waist armor is also moderately voluminous.
As with the shoulders, the slit-shaped mold needs to be painted.
There are no lining parts on the armor, but there is a mold.
The front armor is connected to the side armor BJ.
You can also swing the hip joint axis.

The legs look quite long because the heel type is heel type.
Since the front armor is connected to the side armor, it has a structure that allows it to escape widely to the side.
The armor of the shin is divided into left and right, and the seams appear on the front.
A parting line is placed on the other side to make it look like a detail.
Details have also been added to the soles of the feet.
The gray part of the ankle armor has a sticker.

The only attached weapon is a huge battle anchor.
The battle anchor is shaped like a sickle with one side damaged and lost.
The base was molded by stepping down, but the blade part has a seam as expected.
As usual, the stand can be a 3mm shaft.
The grip is long enough to be held in both hands.
Since the handle is gray molded, it is also necessary to paint it separately.

This is the HG Gundam Gremory review.
The nano-laminate coat, which has an impressive devilish silhouette and a hood shape, is also an interesting MS.
The battle anchor with half of the blade lost is also cool
The heeled ankles make it feel much smarter than other Gundam frames.
It looks good because it is designed so that the seams are as inconspicuous as possible.
Since the Gundam frame so far has been diverted, there are places where the joints are a little fluffy, so it may be necessary to adjust that area.

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