HGUC Nu Gundam -Amuro Plan- custom

Mixing Build HGUC RX-93-0 Nu Gundam -Amuro Plan- Images, work in progress, full info and credits

Νu Gundam completed while incorporating Anaheim’s technology based on Amuro Plan.
In order to dispel the massive silhouette of HGUC, I made it while mixing various MS.

Comparison with the actual Amuro Plan sketch.
I’ve added some arrangements, but I’ve followed the general silhouette and finished it to my liking.
The coloring is not a prototype but a rollout color.

One of my favorites that I was wondering whether to make it the main cut.
The standing is good.

Early mixing.
The standing figure has not been decided.

Ingredient list
Head: Unicorn (Destroy), Moon Gundam, ν Gundam
Corner: ν Gundam
Torso: Sword Impulse Z Gundam
Waist: ν Gundam Unicorn
Shoulder / Arm: Lightning Z Gundam
Legs: Unicorn ν Gundam
Weapon / Backpack: ν Gundam

At the stage of renovation so that the standing figure can be determined by scraping and shaving various joints.

Finally, compare with the unassembled.
Thank you for watching until the end.

Work by GN TakumA 擬似太陽炉搭載型
@takuma92172561 On Twitter