HGIBO Gundam Vidar Illustration style

HGIBO Gundam Vidar Theme “Illustration style (animation painting)” images, info

Theme “Illustration style (animation painting)”
This work was completed in June 2021.
The base is completely painted with Gaia Notes and Creos lacquer paint.
The shadow is Creos water-based hobby color, and the highlight is Tamiya enamel.

I painted each part separately so that the details can be easily painted, but when I assembled it at the end, I found a mistake that the shadow of the hunter edge (blade-shaped part) attached to the toe was painted upside down, left and right. ..
Well, only the person who made it notices (doesn’t care), so I decided to complete it as it is.

The completed work is stored in a small space with reference to box compression method.

Work by 樽純