HG 1/144 Gundam Lfrith Review

This is the Review for HG 1/144 Gundam Lfrith (The Witch from Mercury PROLOGUE) images, full info

A prototype MS developed by Ochs Earth Corporation, a company that was established on Earth. The greatest feature of this machine was the adoption of the GUND FORMAT, in which the innovative body function expansion technology originating from the welfare engineering of stuff like prosthetic devices, called “GUND”, was developed for MS use.

The MS that incorporated the GUND FORMAT and gained transdisciplinary combat abilities were generally termed GUND-ARMs, but before long the world came to call them “GUNDAMs”

The new Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch from Mercury.
Various HG Gunpla are scheduled to be released,
The first kit to be made is not the main story, but the prequel PROLOGUE, Gundam Lfrith, priced at 1,760 yen.

Accessories include receiver gun, Compo GUND-BIT Shield, 2 saber blades, exchangeable chest parts, and beam blade parts.
No surplus parts.
As for stickers, foil stickers are included to supplement the color coding of various sensors and some parts such as the chest.

The chest part comes with a part that reproduces the shell unit’s luminous state using a method called in-mold molding.
A metallic red line emerges on the clear ground.

In addition, normal parts that are not in-mold are also included.
This is color-coded with stickers.

There is a line on the adhesive surface of the sticker, and the sticker is attached from the bottom of the clear parts, so it looks good.
A non-luminous sticker was also included.

it is a kit with many highlights.
In particular, the shell parts on the chest have fine lines printed in advance, and the lines run inside the clear parts for a beautiful finish.
In addition, the recombination of weapons is also worth playing, and recombination based on the Compo GUND-BIT Shield is a fun gimmick.
The design is fresh and I am looking forward to seeing other MS that will be released in the future.


Compo GUND-BIT Shield
This is a shield employing GUND-BIT, a next-generation remote-controlled swarm weapon system.

Bit Stave
The bits separated from the shield are called Bit Staves, which are weapons that adopt thrust vectoring nozzles, posture control thrusters, and built-in beam cannons. These functions can be used to perform various three-dimensional offensive and defensive maneuvers.

Receiver Gun
This a portable firearm for this MS, it can rapid-fire beams. When not in use it can be stored on the center backpack mount.

Beam Blade
The Receiver Gun can also be used as a Beam Blade by generating a massive beam edge (Blade On).

Bit Staves can also be attached to the front and back of the weapon to upgrade it into the GUND-BIT Rifle, which unlocks a high output beam firing mechanism.

Beam Saber
These are portable close combat weapons equipped on Mobile Suits as a standard.
They are usually mounted on top of the backpack.

Beam Vulcan
Two firing ports are built in the forehead. These are weak rapid firing beam weapons used for checking enemy movement, damaging equipment, etc.

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