REVIEW: RG 1/144 God Gundam

This is the review for the new 1/144 God Gundam in the Real Grade Series

God Gundam appears as a new work in the RG Series.
The price is 3,850 yen.

Accessories include a weapon handle, a sword type wrist, a palm, a right hand for Godfinger, a palm that can be used for Sekiha Tenkyoken, etc.
Effect joints, and two God Slash effects

Comes with 3 sun effects.
No surplus parts.

Seals come with realistic decals.
The MS joint is not used much these days, but this time it will use only a few parts, only the shoulder joint and the frame part of the forearm.

Being an RG, there are a lot of details, and the white armor has been arranged in various shades to make it three-dimensional.
It’s not as extreme an arrangement as the Hi-Res that was just released before.
Compared to HGFC, there is a sharpness in various places,
Although it has thin parts, it has a style that gives you a strong sense of strength.

Side by side with the HGFC version.
Of course, RG is superior in color coding.
Also, the proportions are quite different, and the abdomen and legs have a more sharp shape.
The length of the stabilizer is also slightly different.

The sword-type flat hand that uses the MS joint has a swing axis.
In addition to being able to turn the palm forward,

This time, it has a structure in which 3 PET effects are arranged so as to overlap with joint parts.
Unlike the single type, it has an effect that gives you a sense of depth.
The effect has a gradation and is very beautiful.

The RG God has a slanted stand hole, so it doesn’t fit well and you just have to straddle it.

That’s all for the RG God Gundam review.
The proportions have a sharp shape and are three-dimensional with tight and powerful proportions.
Being an RG, the color coding is perfect, and the black lines and ducts in various places are well reproduced.
However, there are a lot of small parts, so I had to be careful not to lose them.
Also, the movable gimmick is quite elaborate, probably because it is a melee machine.
Arms can be reproduced naturally, and it is surprising that it is easy to pose with minimal interference from the waist armor.
In addition, the sun effect that is divided into three has depth and is an impressive effect that has never been seen before.
It’s a well-made kit, and the effects have been ordered, so I’m looking forward to seeing it become even more spectacular when combined.

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