MG Gundam MK-Ⅴ Unit 2 Prototype Cannon custom

Mizuchi(蛟)’s MG 1/100 Gundam MK-Ⅴ Unit 2 Prototype Cannon Equipped: semi scratch build, remodeled. Many images (wip too) and full work description. Credits

The blade antenna on the left chest is added to increase the accuracy of the micro missile shield booster on the left shoulder, and the sensor on the right chest controls the beam launcher shield booster on the right shoulder.

This time, i have increased the color coding of the central duct and chest armor so that the attention goes to the antenna and sensors on the chest.

It’s the front. The overall silhouette is reminiscent of the ReZEL and ZII, with shoulder shields added to form an inverted triangle, and high heels to make the legs thinner.

It’s the back. By carrying two shield boosters on its back, it has a silhouette reminiscent of Doven Wolf and the amount of details. The rapid-fire beam rifle in the middle gives an impact when viewed from the front.

The Beam Launcher Shield Booster on the right shoulder has a sliding exterior that has been developed so that it can demonstrate the same power as the High Mega Launcher at maximum output.

The micro missile shield booster on the left shoulder can hit homing missiles more precisely with the added sensors. Also, by replacing each missile pod unit, smoke bullets and light emitting bullets can also be installed.

First class armament. This armament is more suited to close-range combat, annihilating enemies with high mobility.
Thrusters have been added in order to obtain high mobility even without equipping a shield booster.
As a hidden armament, its legs transform into arms, and it can shoot beam sabers from its heels for tricky battles.

Second class weapon. It specializes in mid-to-long-range combat, and the rapid-firing beam rifle attached to the right waist armor benefits from the sensors on its chest, allowing for precise shooting.

The beam rifle is scratched with a plastic plate. The original design is the MK-V federal specification beam rifle. The rapid-fire beam rifle has a slightly different arrangement and has a handle on the side.

For the micro missile shield booster on the left shoulder, I made my own hatch open gimmick using plastic rods and brass wires. In addition, the missile pod is scratched using plastic sticks and plastic plates.

The beam launcher shield booster on the right shoulder has a slide gimmick to show the inside and express the maximum output.

The shoulder armor is made of plastic plate and has been enlarged and detailed with a sharp edge. In addition, the shield on the shoulder is scratched with a plastic plate, and it is made to operate like the shield of Geara Doga with a plastic pipe and a polycap. I used the mounting part of the missile pod from the kit to attach it to the shoulder armor, and scratched off the shape with a plastic plate. I diverted the missile pod from the kit, connected it to the shield with a brass wire, and made it removable.

The sensors and antenna are made by myself with plastic plates, etc., and the shield booster mounting part is also scratched.

The back has also been completely changed, and the scratch on the Incom unit and the thruster on the side of the tail stabilizer are also scratched. Also, the tail stabilizer is turned upside down so that you can see more details.

Although it is a high heel, it consists of junk parts and scratch parts. The joint base to the leg uses the shoulder and heel parts of Vigna-Ghina. A ball joint is attached there, and it is covered with scratch parts so that it can be operated like an arm. The heel part uses the MG s Gundam beam cannon, and the scratch parts can be slid and removed there.

Work by Mizuchi(蛟)
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