EG/HGUC RX-95 (MSN-06EX) Ex-Nu Gundam

EG/HGUC 1/144 RX-95 (MSN-06EX) Ex-Nu Gundam Custom build: images, full info and credits

I wanted to try inserting the head of the EG-ν Gundam into the Sinanju Stein for a long time. I tried the Kowloon version color scheme.

Color recipe is below
Body white: NAZCA neutral white
Body gray thin: Creos Gray Saf 1500
Body gray dark: Creos gray FS36118
Body light blue-purple: NAZCA million blue + Gaia lavender
Body dark blue purple: NAZCA cobalt violet + lavender
Body orange: Gaia vivid orange
Joint gray: Mechasaf heavy

Except for the personal mark on the right shoulder, which is red, the decals are in the body colors of gray, blue-purple, white, and orange.
I discovered that Gaia’s Million Blue + Lavender has a similar color to HJ Decal’s Masuo Blue.

The rear thruster has been replaced with a metal one. Paint the thruster body with Creos Super Iron 2 and the internal cone with Super Titanium 2.
I have a set of extra backpacks from when I made the RG Hi Nu with twin long range fin funnel specifications, so if I feel like it, I might make one as an option.

The decal for the left leg thruster was applied perfectly to the complex shape using a decal softer.

The twin eyes were sprayed with fluorescent clear to make them issue blue.
For the lines on the left side of the main body, I applied 2mm curved masking tape and corrected any protrusions later with blue.

Work by あびお
@ f152235 on Twitter