GBWC 1/144 Gunpla Diorama: “RIGGING”.

1/144 Gunpla Diorama: “RIGGING”. -艤装- GBWC 11th TOURNAMENT over-21 course winning work by morish/もりっシュ. Many images, close up, Full info and credits

From the Modeler:

HGUC 1/144 Stark Jegan modification
New type exclusive mobile weapon with built-in MS
Defiant Psycho Stark Jegan
and diorama works
It was completed!

It was completed by incorporating parts from Messala, Narrative Gundam, and about 30 other kits into the HGUC Stark Jegan as a base kit.

I tried to express the tense situation of receiving maintenance supplies in the hangar and moving to the sortie lane while installing the Psycho Frame.
I aimed to create a work where the more you look at it, the more you discover new things, such as not only the main body but also the movements of the workers, pilots, transporters, etc.

This is a large mobile weapon with a built-in mobile suit that was quickly deployed by the Federation Forces, which felt threatened by the Neo Zeong that appeared during the Laplace Incident, in preparation for the appearance of the next large psycho machine. This is a setting that feeds back data from A.O.Z’s Hazel High Mobility Type and Gigantic Arm.

Just like real aircraft carrier workers, pilots and workers have different colors depending on their role.

Red: Takeoff and landing personnel
Blue: Elevator operator
Green: Transport personnel
Yellow: MS maintenance personnel
Gray: Pilot
There are three pilots here because they are on a rotating basis.

Off-duty pilots also help with maintenance and replenishment.
I wanted to express large thrust, so I concentrated the verniers at the rear of the MS.

The stand used to display the work also adds detail as part of the work.

Jegan’s cockpit and hatch have also been recreated.

The armor on the side has been opened to attach the Psycho Frame, and you can see the red spherical cockpit through the gap (although it’s dark and you can’t see much of it…)
If you look closely, the pilot is also seated inside the spherical cockpit.

It is easier for the pilot to see from this angle.

Psycho Doga is shot down and captured, and the psycho frame around the cockpit is stripped off.

Psycho Doga also reproduces the spherical cockpit, and adds cylinders and power cables around it to express the disassembled state.
The idea of ​​removing the Psycho Frame from Psycho Doga and transplanting it was inspired by the novel version of Reverse Char.

The spark for the work was made by cutting the butterfly edge beam effect that comes with Moon Gundam.

Psycho Doga is a really good kit, so it was hard to use just the chest for something like this.

The transporter for transportation was made by modifying the Type 94 Base Jabber.
The container is plastic board and builder’s parts.
If you look closely at the container, you can see that it was loaded with materials made in Anaheim.

Psycho Stark Jegan is the core.
This is exactly included.
It was possible to separate it, but when displaying it on the Gundam Base, I was worried about its strength for long-term display, so I glued it together.

At first, I mixed like this.
It started with the idea of ​​attaching a Messara booster to the back of A.O.Z Respect.

Thanks to the hollow space in the leg booster equipped with Narrative A, I was able to attach it without removing the Jegan’s leg.
However, you have to bend your ankles 90 degrees, and it just so happens that the Psycho Stark Jegan has a structure that allows you to do that, so it was a miracle fit for me personally.

After many twists and turns, it finally took shape.
The cannons on both sides have been shortened from those of the Narrative A equipment to have shorter barrels.

It’s a pedestal.
I also included the idea of ​​making the stand part of the diorama structure.
This was made in one day from design to completion.

R5.12.1 Currently on display at Gundam Base Tokyo.
Thankfully, we received the Grand Prize and Audience Award at the GBWC 11th TOURNAMENT over-21 course.

Work by morish/もりっシュ on X ⬇️