ebichang’s HG 1/144 Xrossborn to be free. Photos, wip, info

HG 1/144 Xrossborn to be free: mixing build review

Created for Tekefest 2016 event exhibition Bonkuro Pirates.

Mixing crossbones, crossbones demons, and other junk parts because it is a machine for myself

It is a sniper mecha that equips with guns of various ranges from short range to long range while fighting back and forth.

The large shield on the left shoulder is the base of the skull weapon.

Only here and the chest skull are weathered.

The large rifle on the right shoulder is the MG Wing Zero EW Twin Buster rifle, so it has a ponge, so the barrel is integrated and the strifle rifle cover?  Is attached.

The back is messy.

There are a lot of dowel holes on the back of the shield, probably because it is a pedestal, so I deleted unnecessary ones.

It was hard on the ground …

Before painting, I think you can see some repairs.

From this state, I learned that coloring and decal work can be done …

Since the shield is not divided into parts, etc …. The painting is masking, I remember that it took 3 hours just to mask it, I don’t want to do it again

It was worth the effort and I managed to succeed.

The back side is also manageable, it was hard to remove the dowel holes on the back side, but if you do not delete it, the appearance will change significantly, so I think it is better to do this firmly.

It is the weathering of the shield.

I’m just introducing the shield

After painting, the work of decals, red points and coats is finished from here.

If you compare it with the finished product, you can see that the details are increasing in the finishing work.

Work by ebichang_RNC7 (Twitter account)