METAL BUILD Evangelion EVA unit-01 [EVA2020] Review

METAL BUILD This is a review of the EVA unit 01 [EVA2020].

the end. The above is a review of METAL BUILD Evangelion’s first unit [EVA2020].

The main body is the same as the normal version that came out before, and the accessories are the same except for the new weapon Longinus spear, so the basic performance such as movement and gimmick is almost the same as before.
The metallic painting of the main body has changed the coloring itself from the previous one and the impression has changed drastically, the movement is good and the armament is abundant, so the play value is high, and the spear of Longinus, a new weapon, is about 40 cm in size It was cool.
If you have a Longinus spear, you’ll want to put it on the blue machine No. 0 and decorate it.
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