1/144 Diorama: Raid at Dawn. Images, full info

1/144 Gunpla Diorama: Raid at Dawn. Images, full info

From the modeler:

By removing colonies, solar power generation efficiency will decline and humanity will be dependent on oil again.  Zeon’s target was the oilfields of Southeast Asia.

Acguy Kai 2 crew members 8 crew members

Submersible container towed by Acguy Kai

Lightly armored vehicle mounted inside the container

Zeon armored light armored vehicle / 12.7 mm heavy machine gun installed

Zeon SEALs hanging from Agai Kai

Earth Federation Forces Simple Radar Observation Vehicle

Earth Federation Forces mobile surface-to-ship missile

Chest searchlight lit by LED

Containers and light armored vehicles are made of plastic

Replace the turret of the Type 61 tank with your own missile

Converted hover truck to mass-produced 6-wheel type

30 figures are made by myself with plastic boards and plastic sticks

Diorama base uses Styrofoam

Sea poured epoxy resin

The 30 palm trees are made of tracing paper and wire.

Work by Sanny Works aka SM_gensan on Twitter