PB GGG Aida Surugan Long Hair Ver. official images, release info

Gundam Girls Generation Aida Surugan Long Hair Ver.

“GGG G’s Reconguista Aida Surugan Long Hair Ver.”, is currently accepting pre-orders at Premium Bandai, closed at 23:00 on Monday, November 2nd. Scheduled to be shipped in January 2021, the price is 8,800 yen (tax included).

“Aida Surugan” from Mega House’s beautiful posing figure “Gundam Girls Generation (GGG)” released in 2016 has been redesigned from a bundled hair and renewed to a style with hair down.
The body, which is about 16 cm in height, is modeled with attention to detail and coloring, and the wide open chest reproduces her jerky personality.

Since this item is produced in a limited quantity, reservations will be closed as soon as the prepared quantity is reached.
Reservations will be closed at the same time at the Mega Treashop, so don’t miss this too.

GGG G’s Reconguista Aida Surugan Long Hair Ver.
Price: 8,800 yen (tax included)
Reservation acceptance closed: November 2, 2020 (Monday) 23:00
Product shipping: Scheduled to be shipped in January 2021

Product size
Overall height about 160mm

set content
Pre-painted finished figure
Dedicated pedestal

Aida Surugan (アイーダ・スルガン, Aīda Surugan?) is one of the protagonists of the Gundam Reconguista in G anime series.
Due the Rayhunton Code installed in the cockpit of the YG-111 Gundam G-Self, she is one of the three people who can pilot it. Aida is assigned the MSAM-033 Gundam G-Arcane and often uses it Anti-Ship Rifle to provide support fire for her allies, while staying close to the Megafauna.