This time we introduce a review of HG 1/144 Try Age Gundam

Product Description
From the video game Mobile Suit Gundam: Try Age comes the titular Mobile Suit itself, Try Age Gundam, as a High Grade 1/144 scale model kit! This set includes pieces to recreate the gorgeous tri-color scheme, along with coloring effects that can be used in the game. When completed, arm Try Age with its rifle, blade, and sword on its display base!
Product Features
* 1/144 Scale
* Made of PS and PE
* Based on the High Grade model kit line
* Includes pieces to build its weaponry and a display base
* Instructions may or may not include English translation
Box Contents
* Pieces to build
* Try Age Gundam
* Extra hands
* Tridod Rifle
* Trislash Blade
* Triarm Sword
* Cape
* Effect pieces
* Display base
* Instructions

The price is 2,970 yen (tax included). This item is limited to Premium Bandai.

The original machine that appears in the digital card game “Gundam Try Age”, the machine “TRYAGE Gundam”, which is a major renovation of the Gundam AGE-1 by the AGE system, has been made into a kit with HG. Based on the HGBD: R Gundam TRYAGE Magnum, which was released to the general public in July 2020, the heroic coloring of the white base is reproduced. Also included are shooting effect parts that can reproduce the action scenes in the game.

The molding color is mainly white, which is the same as AGE-1 normal, with blue and red. The yellow molding color is partially used, and the joints and back tri-holder frame are reproduced in the gray molding color. Partial ducts and armor are color-coded with stickers, resulting in a finish that requires little painting.
As for the gray molding color parts, PS material is used for the parts diverted from Gundam AGE-1 Normal, and KPS is used for the tri-holder frame newly built with Gundam TRYAGE Magnum.

PC-001A is used for each part of the poly cap. In combination with joint parts made of PS material, it does not easily deteriorate over time, and the joint strength is high, so independence is stable.

Includes triads rifle, grip parts for tri-slash blade, beam saber blade (long x 2, short x 2), flat hand (left), card holder (right).

Various clear red molding color parts such as beam cloak, effect parts for tri-slash blade, and support for tri-slash blade are included. A runnerless pedestal in clear molding color is also included.
Various shooting effect parts are included. It comes with distinctive items such as circles, waveforms, and beams. Clear joint parts and a special support pedestal are also included. Various clear parts did not emit light even when illuminated with a black light.

In addition, some parts that are described as “Please use freely” are also included. Cover parts for Gundam AGE-1 Flat are also included.

HGAGE Gundam AGE-1 Comes with some extra parts for normal.

Comes with a limited promotion card for special benefits. It remains unopened, but the surface is the same as that described on PB homepage. It is colorful because it shines brilliantly.
The shape is exactly the same as the Gundam TRYAGE Magnum, so let’s take a quick look at each part.

Since the coloring of the hisashi and the antenna is different, it looks like a normal Gundam type. It’s nice that the triggerfish is also color-coded by parts.

Others are the same as AGE-1 normal, and seams can be made from the top of the head to the sides. The front and rear sensors are color-coded with gold stickers to give a slightly luxurious impression.

The body is the same as the AGE-1 normal in both shape and coloring. Colorful and heroic. The “A” mark in the center is in gold color. The yellow mold at the bottom of the front armor is color-coded with a sticker.

The “A” mark on the chest is color-coded by parts, making it easy to paint separately.

Although it is not described in the instruction manual, you can enjoy it as a different version of TRYAGE Gundam by using the included Gundam AGE-1 flat parts.

The rear armor armor and side armor ducts are color-coded with yellow stickers. The side armor is a ball joint type polycap connection, so it will not come off, but there is a lot of play, so be careful.
Both front and rear armor can be deployed. The back side of each type of armor has a simple mold formed only on the side armor.
The arms are also white-based, and the forearms and TRY funnel are reproduced in red molding color. The “A” mold on the shoulder has a gold sticker on it.

The upper arm is tubular and has no seams. The forearm is a left and right sandwich type, and you can make a seam on the front. Since it can be separated from the elbow, it seems easy to erase the seams.

A mold is molded on the back of the armor of the forearm. At the tip, a beam port to which the attached beam blade can be mounted is modeled.

The shoulder armor is modeled on the shoulder with the “A” mold and the trybird (main body) mounted on the side. The main body of the tri-bird is a sandwich type, and a seam can be made at the top. The shoulders are molded at the edges of the seams. The tri-bird has a polycap connection and can be rotated and attached / detached.

Tribird is equipped with two TRY funnels on the left and right. The main body is connected by a gray base part, and since it is not a poly cap, it has high fixing strength. The base can be freely moved such as rotation and swing.
By inserting it into the polycap hole, you can display it on the stand by itself. The Dodds Cannon at the tip of the Tribird is also movable.

Compare the legs side by side with the TRYAGE Magnum. The molding color below the knee is different, and the armor of the knee is color-coded with a red sticker, so the impression is different. The ducts on the left and right of the sneak are still color-coded with yellow stickers. It is the same that the instep of the sole part is color-coded with a sticker.

The rear thruster is movable. There is no mold on the thruster mouth and it has a simple design.

The thighs have seams on the sides and do not separate, so if you want to erase them, you will need to process them afterwards. The sole of the foot is molded, but there are holes in the toes and heels.

Side by side with the TRYAGE Magnum on the back. Since the tri-holder frame has the same molding color, it looks the same.

The rear duct is color-coded with a yellow sticker. The lower thruster has a ball joint type poly cap at the base and can be moved flexibly.

HGBD: R Gundam TRYAGE Side by side with Magnum. Not only the molding color but also each part is color-coded with a sticker, so the impression is different

Compared side by side with HGAGE Gundam AGE-1 Normal. AGE-1 normal ones are used as they are for part of the head, torso, limb joints, etc. The molding color, color scheme, and coloring are almost the same, so there are many similarities. As it is a reinforced specification of AGE-1 normal, it is natural to say.
The range of motion of each part is the same as HGBD: R Gundam TRYAGE Magnum.

The arm can be deployed on the tri-holder frame. The base is a sandwich type and can be seamed.

Tri-slash blade can be reproduced by assembling beam effect parts. Since the beam effect parts are clear red, a slightly aggressive image is expressed.

Compare even with the beam cloak attached.

The Trid’s Rifle is the same as the TRYAGE Magnum, but the sensor has been changed from green to gold.
The barrel can be rearranged 90 degrees, and the foregrip can be deployed as well.

The card was plain green in TRYAGE Magnum, but in Triage Gundam, it has the characters “Gundam Tryage” in two colors, black and gold.
Equipped with a triads rifle. When equipping a triads rifle, rearrange the red parts of the forearm to change the angle so that they do not interfere.
The Trid’s Rifle also has a long barrel, so it can produce aggressive scenes. It goes perfectly with Triage Gundam. It will not be awkward to hold both hands.

Equipped with a tri-slash blade will give you a lot of power. It’s a drawback from the TRYAGE Magnum, but be aware that it has a weak wrist and it’s a bit difficult to hold a heavy weapon like the Trislash Blade. It is also a common problem that the side armor is easy to spill.

Equipped and deployed with beam saber, tribird, and TRY funnel to make it more aggressive. There is a wide variety of equipment, so you can enjoy various poses and displays that you won’t get tired of. There is also an impression that the aggression is somewhat increased because the clear parts are red.
Beam effect parts can be combined as you like and can be used as effects of various shapes.
It changes to various styles depending on the combination, such as a discharge system or a one-point centralized type. Corrugated and ring-shaped parts can be fixed not only with the central hole but also with vertically long dowels, which is a factor that can increase the combination variation.
Just by adding effect parts to the pose, the impression will change and a sense of substance will be created. It was not possible to attach beam effect parts to the tip of the Trid’s rifle.
Please take some of them.

that’s all. The Gundam TRYAGE Magnum, which allows you to enjoy stable poses and coolness, has been transformed into a more attractive kit by changing the molding color and the coloring of the clear parts. Not only the orthodox Gundam type aircraft color, but also the red clear parts give a strong aggressive impression.
The points to be worried about are the same as the TRYAGE Magnum, but since the wrists, back parts, and side armor are easy to come off, it is easy to get rid of without reinforcement, and there are places where you feel a little stress. Especially when holding a large sword tri-slash blade, it is difficult, so it may be a good idea to reinforce it in advance.
If you use the newly included effect parts in Triage Gundam, the pose will be more expressive, and there are a lot of variations of accessories such as beam cloak and triage card. It would be nice to have a kit that allows you to enjoy various productions and play with them.

images by gundamsblog net