Review PB MG Testament Gundam

Premium Bandai MG Testament Gundam full review

The price is 6,270 yen and it will be ordered by Premium Bandai.
The instruction manual was in color, but it was a simple one without a description of the model.
Accessories include 2 hand guns, Trikeros Kai, gun handle, flat hand, handle, stand joint, neck replacement parts,
For 2 saber blades

Includes one type of action base stand that does not use screws.
The type of stand that is often attached to MG allows fine angle changes and is a solid structure with locks.

Seals include foil stickers to supplement the twin eyes and water slide decals.

Since SEED frame parts are used, there are some surplus parts.
A testament MG from Gundam SEED DESTINY ASTRAY.
The color is almost all red, but there are shades in red, making it a high-detailed kit that is typical of SEED MG.
Although the X frame used for MG such as Duel and Strike Ver.RM is diverted here, the impression is that it is almost new.
Also, ABS was used for the conventional frame, but this has been changed to KPS.
However, the fact that polycaps are used together has not changed.
Yellow such as the chest duct was also made into a separate part.
In addition, part of the armor such as the forearm is open so that the parts inside can be seen.

The figure with the Divine striker removed.
There is a connector on the back that is the same type as a strike, and the pack can be replaced.

Head up.
It has the same helmet shape as the Astray type.
The slit of the mask is opened and has a fearless look.

Clear parts as well as around the twin eyes.
There are also two types of neck parts this time, and when replacing the pack with IWSP, it is supposed to be replaced with a neck part with a long black shaft.

The cockpit can be opened and closed on the chest.
The yellow part of the chest duct is also made into a separate part.

There is also a fine mold on the back.
The inside of the nozzle looks black, so if you are concerned, you need to paint it.
Shoulder armor is a non-seam split.
The side armor is movable so it does not interfere with the movement of the arm.
Since the arm has a common frame, only the thumb can move the wrist. Others are replacements.
This is also a step-down mold with no seams, and part of the armor is open.
The waist is equipped with a saber grip on the waist.
Since it is fixed with a square dowel, it can be firmly fixed.
All waist armor is movable and there are also lining parts.
The hip joint axis is made swingable.

The legs are designed to have a strike-like appearance on some frames, but the ankles are heel type, giving a smart impression.
When you bend the knees, the knee armor works together.
The calf has slit-shaped fins to accentuate it.
Of course, this is also made without seams.

The toes of the ankle are movable and the lining parts are also solid.

Although it is a Divine striker attached to the back
Wing parts unfold as shown in the image.
Since there is a plastic model original gimmick, the central part of the wing can move so that it bends.
It is attached to the back via a folded frame.
This frame has some seams.
However, it is flexible and has a bellows-shaped mold engraved on the back side.

Since the Divine Striker can also be a claw, the frame part can be bent and rolled, and the degree of freedom is high.
In addition, the rail at the connection part allows sliding, making it easy to deploy forward.

The claws at the base of the striker are all movable independently.
When deploying to a position like an ale striker, fold the claw part as shown in the image.
By doing this, it is possible to set the wings in the same position as the aile.

The back side of the Divine Striker is engraved with a fine mold like the frame
The nozzle part is also finely shaped.
There are also details inside the round nozzle.

The wing part is color-coded firmly and has a structure with no seams.

The attached stand has the same red color as the main body and has a unified feeling.
However, the stand joint attached to the hip joint is quite easy to come off,
Since it is dangerous, I use the U-shaped joint that comes with the action base for shooting.
The Divine Striker can also be used as a large claw unit by stretching the frame part.
Trikeros Kai has a terrifying design with a huge claw attached.
The silver part is a large armament with a metallic molding color and many moving parts.
The folded shield part can be expanded as shown in the image.

The base is a BJ connection so you can make fine adjustments.
In addition, a hand gun can be stored on the back side.
Although it is a large armament, it has a joint that connects to the forearm and connects there, so stable holding is possible.
The claw part can be bent at the center as well as the base is movable with BJ.
The yellow claw on the side can also be rotated.
The muzzle of the palm is also reproduced.
Trikeros Kai is a fairly complicated armament, but the armor can be fine-tuned with BJ, so it’s surprisingly easy to handle.
It is also good that the claw can be moved finely.
Since it is large, I am concerned about its weight, but for now I can hold it without problems.

It has been changed from ABS to KPS, but it is easy to move without the feeling of fluffy joints.
The molding color of silver is not so noticeable, but there are some weld lines.
Two hand guns are included.
The attached handle puts your finger on the trigger properly.

Even if the Divine Striker is in the claw state, there is no problem holding it for now.
It’s a simple but solid frame.

Deploy the wings forward as a plastic model original gimmick,
There is a gimmick that makes a huge claw by folding it.
The claw part becomes even bigger and the unfolded silhouette changes to a spacious and flashy one.

This is the MG Testament Gundam review.
Although the frame was diverted this time, the material was changed to KPS.
The amount of detail is also spectacular because it is unique to SEED MG.
Even if it changes to KPS, it doesn’t give a particularly fluffy impression, and it holds a large Divine striker and Trikeros Kai firmly.
In addition, the attached weapon is also unique, and the Divine striker that changes from an aile-like appearance to a large claw
You can make the claw larger by using the wing in the plastic model original gimmick.
In addition, the terrifying design of Trikeros Kai has a shield deployment and claw movement, so the number that comes with it is not large.
I think it’s a fun kit that is packed with a lot of gimmicks

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