HG 1/144 Crossbone Gundam Ensemble Custom

Custom Build 1/144 Crossbone Gundam Ensemble: many images, full info

From the Modeler:

Crossbone Gundam assault equipment
A form equipped with an additional armed ensemble unit based on patchwork armor. The ensemble is a form that harmonizes the capabilities of each form of Crossbone Gundam, combines UC and CB technologies, and is an EL diver “Lin” that is assimilated with the biocomputer of the passenger and the MS. It is a triple-meaning that combines the joint battle with.

This form is achieved by adding an ensemble unit based on the 00 GN drive to the backpack.
The ensemble unit is based on the 00 Gundam twin drive unit, with the addition of full-cross armor, GN Buster Blade. By adding armament while supplementing the GN particle control mechanism of Olyzer with a full cross unit, mobility, attack power, and defense power are raised to a high level.

What is added to the backpack
GN swordfish x 2
Beam cloak

“Go, swordfish!”
The GN sword fish becomes an auxiliary vernier when connected to the main body.
In addition, it is a so-called bit weapon that can be separated from the main body and can act independently. Attack by hitting the body using the GN fin blade of the same material as the GN sword provided on the top. In addition, by connecting to the sub-arm, it is a versatile armament that not only attacks using various weapons, but also functions as a shield with sturdy armor.

Robe Vesbar
Shooting armament suspended inside the ensemble unit.
From a technical point of view, it is a larger version of the Vesbar equipped on the F91. Although it is difficult to handle, it is possible to shoot with high power, and it demonstrates unrivaled attack performance in long-range shooting battles.

GN Sword Vesber
A form that improves shooting performance by connecting the GN sword and the robe vesbar.
Since it is basically connected to the sub-arm and used, it is possible to add more power by supplying energy directly from the GN drive. The energy consumption is enormous, but it’s not a big deal because of the benefits of twin drives.

Skull head knuckle guard
The key to the defense unit, which is equipped with two IF generators and two GN field generators.
Since it is based on patchwork, a total of three GNIF units will be concentrated on the arm when it is mounted on the arm, demonstrating unparalleled performance in terms of defense. In addition, it is an armed weapon that can be fatal to a normal MS just by squeezing it into the field due to its overwhelming output.

H.R.O.D. Harmonics Overdrive
A function that has become available due to the increase in particle production due to the twin drive.
It was an incomplete function in its predecessor, patchwork, but in this state it is truly effective. In 00 Gundam, it demonstrated unique abilities such as quantization and teleport, but in this machine, MEPE, which was activated in F91, is activated by GN particles.
Although MEPE was described as a mass afterimage in F91, it has reached the level of being an alter ego due to GN particles, and it will be a true effect in close combat.
Normally, the diver controls the aircraft, and the EL diver “Rin” who assimilate the fire control with the biocomputer of the aircraft performs the aircraft control, but in H.R.O.D, the aircraft control input by Rin is reflected as an alter ego. The time that the alter ego occurs is less than one second, but it is enough time in the fighting battle, and it is suitable for the name of the special move.

The number of steps can be increased abnormally.

This time, I tried to prepare various things because I wanted to make it shine thoroughly.
My favorite is the part under the full-cross skull mark that is in this image. I tried to express it in a way that does not make sense when it is transcribed into the word “inking on the split line”.

At Crossbone Gundam χ3, which I posted earlier, I tried to make fluorescent ink, but the result was not as expected. This time, I finished it in a form that also serves as a revenge and brushes up while incorporating a little modeling and armament.

I tried my best to finish this last year’s homework so that I could get off to a good start in 2021. Thank you for watching until the end.

Work by Tomato.nit
aka Tomato_nit on Twitter

Ps: I hope the translation is good enough to understand the related work. Ty so much – gunjap – (I try to do my best)