HGUC Xekueins personal color version

Custom paint, some improvements: HGUC Xekueins. Images, wip, info

From the Modeler:

I made HGUC Xekueins with the setting of my own personal color MS.
I didn’t know about this Gunpla at all, but I happened to see it at EDION and fell in love with its coolness at first sight and bought it.
At the time of posting this, it seems that it is difficult for major mass retailers to get it, so I was lucky to buy it.

Impressive shoulder magazine. I think it’s a wonderful design that tickles the boys’ hearts.
My personal favorite is the back view. Thrusters and propellant tanks that are still installed.

The mask is also characteristic. The chest is reminiscent of Zeta and Double Zeta.

Since it is a fairly old count in HGUC, it is movable as it is. There were seams on the arms, shoulders, thighs, and tanks, so I applied seam erasing.

Added small thrusters to the shin and calf.
I think it’s a cool kit.

It’s a good kit overall, but there are two things I didn’t like. The first is a manipulator. Fixed the mold being rattling and too square.

The second is the protrusion on the head. This changed the shape to resemble the setting image.

The knee armor was lined with UV resin and then scraped to give an edge. After that, I stuck a plastic board

The small thruster expresses Kotobukiya’s cone-shaped mold from the back.

The painting is a gradation of black start-up practiced in the previous work Zaku Head. Purple was toned with the color sources cyan and magenta.

The sole of the foot looks like this. (See the related image)

Work by みっく
aka: mick_youkey on Twitter


The RMS-141 Xeku Eins is a mass-produced general purpose mobile suit fielded by the New Desides. It was featured in the photo-novel Gundam Sentinel and has 3 configuration types.
Type 1 is the most basic configuration, using a beam rifle with an attached grenade launcher.
Type 2 is armed for long-ranged assault.
Type 3 is a heavy assault configuration.

The HGUC 1/144 model of the Xeku Eins is of the Type 3 configuration, but lacks the antenna denoting the commander type unit.