1/144 Rhinoceros (scratch build)

Full scratch 1/144 Rhinoceros: images, history, modeler’s info

The Rhinoceros (ライノサラス Rainosarasu) is a prototype ground mobile armor that is featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise From The Ashes video game.

A large mobile armor developed through hurried construction for the base defense role by Zeon field engineers in Australia using spare parts, its performance and development background remain unclear. It uses a Zaku II torso, which is characterized by built-in machine gun arms. It is mounted on a large thermo-nuclear hover unit base, the rear fuselage is equipped with two heavy machine gun turrets. Despite being armed with a variety weapons, the Rhinoceros is lightly armored and has a short operating time due to cooling problems. It is operated by a crew of three.

A single Rhinoceros unit was constructed and deployed in the defense of Zeon’s Hughenden Fortress in Australia, only to be destroyed by the White Dingo Team.

From the Modeler:

The core part of Zaku is diverted from the FG mass production type Zaku, and most of the other parts are made of plastic material or epopate.
The 200mm main gun (equipped with A) and the bust liner cannon (equipped with B), which branch depending on the progress of the game, are reproduced in a compatible manner.

The upper body and both arms are mobilized.
The barrel parts of both arms are diverted from MS Option Set 9.
For the production, I refer to the example of Mr. yubaba published in the back number of Hobby Japan.

For the machine guns on both sides of the main body, the barrel was diverted from the beam gatling gun of the mock army set.
I tried to make it look like it with various junk parts around the part that connects the main body and the forefoot.

For the Zaku part, I made a hole in the mono eye rail part and remade the inside with clear parts etc.
Each part is made of plastic board by calculating back from the diverted FG Zaku.
A frame is placed inside to ensure strength.

This is the production process of the main body.
Tamiya’s 3mm thick plastic board is used for the bottom.
The main body has a frame inside as well as the upper body.

The forefoot is in the process of being manufactured.
Each part composition is also based on Yubaba’s example as it is.

It is almost before painting.
After this, surface treatment of each part and so on.

Work by toron
aka: junya_tada (Twitter account)
or: junyatada (instagram)