HGUC Gustav Karl Heavy Weapon custom

Custom Build HGUC Gustav Karl Heavy Weapon: info, images

From the Modeler:

I made it a finishing weapon with my favorite coloring. I also finished the face line to make it handsome. The proportion is about 1mm longer than the body. Weapons from Kotobukiya’s MSG and other kits are used.
A lot of details are added with junk parts, metal parts, rappy tape, etc.
The mount arm was a little lonely, so I used the etched parts. In addition, vernier is added to personal parts.

Weaponless Ver

The Gatling gun on the right arm has three barrels in combination. Junk parts are embedded in the arm and mounted.
The shield gatling has been made removable with neodymium.

Completed. The antenna is cut short and diagonally. The front part is removed and putty is filled. It gave a sharp impression.
Finally, it is a comparison with the original kit.

Work by: Woops
aka: Woops50697447 (Twitter account)