HGUC Guntank transport type custom

Custom Build HGUC Guntank transport type: modeler’s info, images

From the Modeler:
The recently resold Macross Tomahawk was cool, so I mixed it with the Guntank.
GBN is vast. The way to play is infinite. So it choses to play transporting supplies. Even if I was made a good duck in the random battle area, I did not give up and ran through the update repeatedly.
With that said, the upper body is a container for Tomahawk and Guntank, and the rear is a container for Grimoire Red Berets.
Draw a blue line in the middle of the body to appeal like a transport MS.
Of course, the container can be used, so you can go anywhere if requested.
Delivering water tanks to water-scarce villages. Get divers points.

Work by: ヨーヨー