MG Hyaku-Shiki Special Version custom

Custom build MG Hyaku-Shiki Ver.2.0 Special Version: images, full info

From the Modeler:

I peeled off the gold plating of MG Hyakushiki ver2.0 and made it my favorite Hyakushiki!
First of all, as a modification point, I remodeled the dual eye of Hyakushiki head into a GM goggle eye.
Next, I attached four chest ducts such as Powered GM, GM III, and Nero to the chest.
The shield is shaped like the shield used by GM Wagtail from Gundam Mk-Ⅲ.
The waist and shoulder missiles are attached using GM III Beam master parts.
The backpack is based on Jegan’s thing, four propellant tanks are arranged on the side with reference to Nero, and a part of the backpack equipped by the Hazel system is attached in the center. I tried to make it look like the upper two vernier are reinforced by covering the leg parts of GM III Beam Master.
I painted the goggles eye with a glossy finish, so it’s cool that it shines brightly when illuminated

It is the state before gold plating peeling and painting
The additional parts on the side of the shoulder have been reconsidered and omitted.
It was my first time to peel off the gold plating, but I was able to do the work with a good feeling by being taught various things on Twitter and checking it myself

Work by: moaiex06 (Twitter account)