HG00 Gundam Harute custom

Custom build HG00 Gundam Harute: full info, many images

From the Modeler:

This time it is a modified HG Gundam Harute.
Variable MS are really cool
The kit used are:
HG Gundam Harute
HG Gundam Zerachiel
HG Gundam Tertium
HG Gundam AGE2 Magnum
HG Kshatriya
Inspired by the knees of Woundwort, the combination of Tertium and Magnum makes it a hovering specification! It can also be used as a normal foot!
GN Sky Mode:
The form of the sky mode is similar to that of Zerachiel
GN Huge Cannon (from Zerachiel)
GN Leg Cannon (Derived from Tertium)
GN Sword Rifle (Claw)
GN Sword Rifle (Sword)
GN Cannon (from Harute)
Kyrios Full Burst
This machine’s original full burst fired from the GN Cannon, GN Sword Rifle, and GN Leg Cannon. It will be created with reference to Freedom.
Also, by using Kshatriya parts for the GN Cannon connection, the parts no longer interfere with each others

It is in the state before painting (photo below)

In addition to carving streaks and pasting plastic boards, I intentionally opened the gaps in the shoulders and arms and waist, and painted gold inside
Thank you for watching till the end

Work by トレノシティ
aka: jbm5000 on Twitter