MG Banshee Norn custom

Custom build: MG RX-0 α unit シュオウガ Banshee Norn. Full images, work in progress, info

From the Modeler:

I modified and arranged MG Banshee Norn to my liking. Equipped with three armed armors, i aimed for an unlikely red-purple psycho frame, white and black as the main image. It was a large volume work this time as well. The production period is about 2 months.
The white part has a dark gradation, and the black part has the texture of armor and uses caution decals to give it a sharp look.
The armed armor has an image like a wing.
Since the holding arm can be angled freely, the range of poses is wide.
Black background is pretty terrifying
Considering gradation painting, it has been sharpened as a whole and refurbished to give it a piercing image.
The legs have changed considerably to suit my taste.
Armed armor equipment The holding arm is a modified version of Premium Bandai’s polypod ball leg.

Work by: ヤマネコ
aka: yamaneko311 on Twitter
yamaneko311 on instagram