HGBD:R Load Astray Leo Brave custom

Custom build HGBD:R Load Astray Leo Brave: images, info

From the Modeler:

Load Astray Leo Brave
Inspired by a commander’s figure

head on.
I felt the head of Load Astray was big, so I decided to mix with the usual Graze Ein
From the left.
A no-name rifle and cloak on the left shoulder. The lion head is from Kotobukiya’s mechanical relief.
From the right.
The double rebake shoulder unit on the right shoulder and the Seltsam cannon on the arm
Back shot
The mane is from the figure-rise broly. The waist is equipped with a tri-slash blade, and the clear parts are blown with pearl light blue.
Reverso’s chest parts can be attached to the Graze frame with a small amount of processing
“Chimera Breath”
A compound weapon that combines a buster rifle, shield, and blade. Can be purged depending on the situation.
“Kings Lore”
A large sword that is conscious of the slash blade of the champ. The blade part is constructed of liquid metal instead of beam.
Equipped with a beam saber on the left hand. When unfolding, change the orientation up and down.
Is the decal a lotus tribal? I use patterns, animal kanji, and animal patterns. With or without decals, the impression will change

Work by: ta-zu
8CqewikVW8q2U06 (Twitter account)