Review PB METAL BUILD Crossbone X1 Full Cloth

This is the review of P-Bandai METAL BUILD Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth

Selling price 33,000 yen (tax included)
Earn points 330P
Reservation acceptance starts October 14, 2020 16:00
Delivery date Scheduled to be shipped in April 2021

Main product contents
・ Main body
・ Replacement left wrist 4 types, replacement right wrist 5 types
・ Replacement head
・ Replacement antenna parts
・ Replacement chest parts
・ Full cloth
・ Core fighter
・ Peacock Smasher x 1
・ Muramasa Blaster x 1
・ Muramasa Blaster blade set
・ Screw web x 2
・ Beam saber x 2
・ Beam saber blade x 2
・ Chain for scissor anchor x 2
・ Brand marker effect x 2
・ Heat dagger blade x 2
・ Buster gun x 1
・ Beam Zumber x 1
・ Beam Zumber effect set
・ Beam shield x 2
・ A set of joint parts for skull head
・ A set of dedicated pedestals
Main product materials ABS / PVC / die-cast
Product size Overall height: Approximately 170 mm

As for the X1 body, most of it is common, so I think it was good that there was a sales method like a replacement part + full cloth set, but regarding the modeling, both the X1 body and the full cloth are perfect and finished very cool.
In the full cloth state, the movement around the shoulder is restricted, so it was a little difficult to play, but the gimmicks such as movement, movement and separation of the cloak, deployment of the heat cutter are elaborate…
The next metal build crossbone series is the X3, so I’m looking forward to it as it seems to be quite elaborate, such as with an Elegolea pedestal.

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