HG Streich Dynames custom

HG Streich Dynames (Core Dynames and Seven Shot Armor): many images, info and credits

This is Core Dynames.
Since it is the second machine after Core Exia, I was able to grasp the point, so I was able to put it together more beautifully than Exia.
This time … It can ride the armor!
The armor was larger than the Core Exia because it was equipped with a lot of equipment, so I was able to have a stable ride-on-ride.

This alone makes it a strong flight unit.

As an armed item
Two shield weapon binders with built-in GN cannon and GN rifle
equipped with two GN Buster rifles as weapons.
And I prepared an attachment to increase the output by attaching it to the GN Buster rifle.
It will be a GN Buster Launcher.

The GN Cannon is operational.
The barrel will come out properly.

I tried to pose it a little like Repair III. It’s great.

it’s quite spectacular when placed side by side with Exia.

Work by 山氏
@yamasi0628 on Twitter
yamasi_mg on Instagram