HGUC 1/144 DOM TROPEN remodeled

Remodeling Work of the Day! HGUC 1/144 DOM TROPEN: many images, full info and credits

I tried to thoroughly repair HGUC’s Dom

Remodeled part Add detail with head streaks Extend the sunlight by 1.5 mm Inside the head Monoeye processing, stop the seal and use SP plate 2 of hQ parts Processed so that it can move left and right
Shoulder, side plastic plate additional armor creation, streak processing , Raise the base of the arm by 3 mm to balance the shoulder, remake the rounded outside with a plastic plate to make it larger, and add new armor to the opening so that the inside is not too visible.
Additional armor, hinge processing, and streak cockpit hatch are newly remade with plastic plates in the center and upper part of the chest. Since the original kit does not move from the waist to the front and back, a ball joint is prepared inside and the bottom is raised by about 2 mm to secure the range of motion.
Details are added after extending the upper arm by 1.2 mm.
The backpack was remade one size larger, changed to wave’s vernier, and two more vernier were added.

The base of the lower half of the body has been changed to widen the frame by 2.4 mm on each side, and then the exterior has been remade by 2.4 mm wide by moving the mounting position and location by 2 mm.
Lower body exterior → Front armor is reinforced with plastic plate, and details are added with two layers. 2.4 mm wide with partition details added to the center. The rear skirt part is cut once to form a step, and then details are added again. Add details with plastic legs and streaks.

The mono eye part is processed so that it can be moved with a hollow plastic pipe etc.
Replaced with SP plate of hi Q parts.

I will add details with plastic boards and streaks.
Since the waist is not movable in the original kit, i have changed it so that it can be moved back and forth and left and right by incorporating a hollow joint.
The base of the shoulder is changed diagonally upward to the right, and the rounded part around the shoulder is also remade.

The arm is extended by 1.2 mm at the upper arm to adjust the overall balance.
I want to make the lower part of the waist solid, so I made it wider, and the exterior is also made wider accordingly.

The back is like this in the end, the backpack has been remade a little bigger. Details are added after the skirt part has been trimmed.

At the end of the work, it looks like this, i have made major changes in various places!

Work by @black57775 (Twitter account)