HG Darilbalde Kai repair type Sinanju

ル・クルーゼ’s HG 1/144 (The Witch from Mercury) Darilbalde Kai repair type Sinanju: many images, info and credits

I mixed HG Sinanju’s shoulder parts, leg thrusters, back flexible thrusters, and armaments into Darilbalde
Drone units “Isvara” and “Ambika” have changed their mounting positions

The color recipe is the main body: silver surface for the base → premium red weapon: phantom gray super smooth clear matte top coat
The pink suff was out, so I used silver as the base for the first time.
Beam Rifle also suits you!
Beam saber dual wielding
Darilbalde’s Sinanju kick with a stylish design

Work by ル・クルーゼ
His work can be seen of course in his Twitter account: le_creuset3