Remodeled HGUC GM Spartan splitter camo

Remodeled HGUC 1/144 GM Spartan splitter camo custom: images, info and credits

I modified this highly complete kit a little and finished it to my liking.
The body is based on dark yellow and is partially painted in a splitter camouflage style in a brown-green system with reduced saturation. .
The thruster is interpreted as a heat dissipation device and reversed upward. The overall volume is increased by adding extra EZSR boosters on both sides.

The shoulder shield has been repositioned from left to right. A little processing so that the angle can be changed

The camouflage paint is brushed with a water-based paint that is easy to topcoat and repaint. Hide small mistakes with decals or stain them

Beautiful work by UE
@ UE_gunpla on Twitter