“MS Crossbone Gundam DUST” Anchor files

“Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam DUST” manga: Anchor, Anchor V2 (Outrange), Anchor V3, and Anchor V4″ official drawings and full descriptions.

A one-off mobile suit owned by Ash King, the leader of Invincible Transportation, and built by his grandfather, Uncle King, at the request of engineer Frank Oz.
The total height is 18m, and the fuselage frame is engraved with “F89”.
Various parts have been repeatedly repaired and refurbished, and it is highly maintainable and replenishable, and its cockpit hatch, armament, and equipment are unique designs.
Later, he received “Ikarimaru” as a new weapon, and since it was made on the premise that it would be used by 40m-class Murasame, it was difficult for Anchor, an 18m-class MS, to handle.
Four thrusters are attached to the backpack on the back for high flexibility.
This aircraft had a Gundam face at the time of the prototype F89, but Ash didn’t know it and thought it was a coincidence.

Anchor V2 (Outrange):
An anchor repaired by Frank Oz and Font Bo with the help of the Cyclopes after the battle on Luna Two.
There are two main points to be improved. In order to use “Ikarimaru” better without waste and thereby extend the duration of battle, we added an attachment to equip “Ikarimaru” at the base of the back thruster, and added an attachment to the back thruster. The lower shin is replaced with a caterpillar unit.
Acceleration performance is improved by using Ikarimaru, which is a powerful propulsion engine as well as an armament, as an additional thruster, and the endless tracks on its legs demonstrate high running power under gravity.
On the other hand, the pile bunker on the leg was omitted by replacing it with a caterpillar.

The form that uses Ikarimaru as a propulsion device is called “Outrange Mode”, and the form that uses it as a weapon is called “Infight Mode”. In response to long-distance combat, in infight mode, a wire storage drum has been added to the right shoulder (the length of the wire itself has also increased), and the attack radius has reached 60m.

Anchor V3:
An anchor equipped with a “V3 thruster” to equip wings of light.
The “V3 Thruster” was designed by Font Bo and Frank Oz and was completed using parts from the White Lion. Its greatest feature is that it can deploy “Phantom Flame” by deploying it on the back, and it can demonstrate the same propulsion power as the Phantom of the U.C.0153 era.
However, the deployment time is 15 minutes, and it is normally used as a normal thruster, and “Ikarimaru” is used in parallel.
As a new armament, it is equipped with a huge harpoon-shaped “Moby Dick Buster”.
This is a weapon for large MA, and although the attack power of one shot is very high, the recoil is strong and it cannot be fired quickly.
This weapon was newly manufactured because it was expected that the enemy would likely launch a large MA. During the execution of the “DUST Plan”, the shield was equipped with an I-field generator.

Anchor V4:
An anchor equipped with the “V4 DUST Thruster” developed for the battle against the Beheading King.
The V4 DUST thrusters were developed in case the V3 thrusters were complete or ineffective.
This is a device that detonates a cartridge-type explosive, concentrates the energy emitted in 360┬░ directions in one direction, and obtains explosive thrust, thereby instantly achieving maximum speed.
However, this acceleration generates an acceleration G that ignores the safety of the pilot and the strength of the aircraft, and has the disadvantage of causing great damage to the entire aircraft and the thrusters themselves.
Therefore, long-term use is unbearable. Frank Oz, who was commissioned to develop the device, sarcastically dubbed it “DUST.”
As for armament, both arms are equipped with rotating shields, the heat ceramic projectile launcher has been abolished, and an escape parachute has been installed instead.
At the end of the “DUST Plan”, he surpassed Baroque by abandoning safety and succeeded in defeating the Beheading King, but the anchor that exceeded the limits of the MS also self-destructed.