HGUC CQC GM Close Combat Custom build

HGUC 1/144 CQC GM Close Combat Custom build: images, info and credits

From the Modeler:

A mass-produced general-purpose mobile suit GM, designed specifically for close combat.

Uses high-powered thrusters to quickly approach enemy MS and engage them in close combat.

Additional armor has been added in various places during close combat.

This is a MSV that is based on the GM Intercept Custom and uses parts from the GM Sniper 2 to strengthen the thruster.

Beam tonfa (beam spray gun)

Beam tonfa (beam dagger)
The main weapon is a beam tonfa. Not only can this weapon be used for striking attacks, but it also has a built-in beam spray gun and beam dagger. When fighting in close combat, the more moves you can make, the better. Therefore, the idea was to combine a melee weapon and a ranged weapon and fire during close combat, increasing the number of moves. In addition, the beam spray gun’s power at close range was perfect, so it was thought to be an ideal weapon.

beam dagger

BOWA BR-M79C-1 Beam Spray Gun
It is also equipped with two beam daggers and a beam spray gun in case the beam tonfa is destroyed or damaged.

Work by CAWORKS_0518 (Instagram account)