Chogokin MSN-04FF Sazabi review

This is the Review for the die-cast toy series “Super Chogokin” MSN-04FF Sazabi and MSN-04 Sazabi. Full images, and full info

“Super Chogokin MSN-04FF Sazabi”
Price: 46,200 yen (10% tax included)
Release date: April 19, 2024

“MSN-04FF Sazabi” is now available as a die-cast toy series “Super Chogokin”.
It has luxurious specifications such as armor expression using multiple shades of red, weight of die-casting, and head light-up gimmick.

・Double horn funnel x 2
・Beam shot rifle
・Beam Tomahawk
・Effects for beam tomahawk
・Beam saber pattern x 2
・Beam saber effect x 2
・Double horn funnel blade effect x 2
・Replacement wrist left and right 3 types each
・Pedestal set
・Weapon holder
・Double horn funnel holder
・Auxiliary support x 2
・2 types of auxiliary support bases
・Double horn funnel pedestal set
・Replacement wrist right type for Chogokin RX-93ff ν Gundam
・LR41×3 (test battery)

This time’s product has been recombined, and you can choose from two types: “MSN-04FF Sazabi” and “MSN-04 Sazabi”.
It is possible to assemble!!

First, let’s introduce “MSN-04FF Sozabi”!
Here are the parts used.

Attach the “Double Horn Funnel” to the main body’s backpack and attach the weapons to the arms to complete the figure.

You can increase your range of motion by pulling your shoulders forward.
By moving the nape armor, you can turn the face upward.

The mono-eye can be moved by moving the dial under the chin with the included auxiliary rod.

Deeply bending the elbows stretches the cylinder in the upper arms.
The cylinder part is die-cast.

Die-casting is used in various parts of the MS, giving it a finish worthy of the name “superalloy.” or super chogokin.

By removing the backpack cover and turning on the power…
You can light up the sensors on the head.
*Three “LR41” button batteries are included at the time of purchase, but these are for testing purposes only.

From here, we will introduce the gimmick of the “Double Horn Funnel”, which is the biggest feature of the “MSN-04FF Sozabi”.

“Double Horn Funnel” can be used by raising the grip and using a special joint.
Can be connected to the arm.

Joints and wrists for both hands are included, and two “double horn funnels” are included.
You can also wear it on your arm at the same time.
Next, let’s install the included effects!!

“Horn Funnel Effects A and B” can be installed by following the steps in the photo. By using two types of effects, you can increase the volume and create an impressive display!!

Of course, you can use the effect with the “Double Horn Funnel” attached to the “Sozabi” body,
It is also possible to display “Double Horn Funnel” alone with effects!!

Next, let’s rearrange it into “MSN-04 Sazabi”!
Here are the parts used.
The main body can be recombined as it is by changing the armament!

Six “funnels” are stored in a “funnel container”,
Complete by equipping the “Beam Shot Rifle” and “Shield”.

Follow the steps below to remove the “Storage Beam Saber Handle”!
① Pull out your wrist
② Remove the storage pattern from the cuffs.
③ Return the wrist you pulled out to its original position.

Complete by attaching the effect to the included “beam saber pattern” part.
*The “beam saber handle for storage” and the “beam saber handle” are separate parts. It comes with handles for both hands, so it is possible to display it with two weapons.

“Beam Tomahawk” can be attached with large and small effects. You can attach effects while it is attached to the “shield”…

It is also possible to remove the “beam tomahawk” and hold it in the hand.

“Beam Shot Rifle” has a gimmick that can move in two places.

If you use it with the included pedestal and a wide variety of wrist parts, you can expand the range of your display

Furthermore, the “Chogokin MSN-04FF Sazabi” comes with a wrist that can be attached to the “Chogokin RX-93ff ν Gundam”.

By combining this part with “Super Chogokin RX-93ff ν Gundam”…

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