Mobile Suit Ensemble EX14B METEOR: Review 47 images

P-Bandai EX14B METEOR review

Price: 4,500 Yen

Mobile suit Embedded Tactical Enforcer:

The METEOR (Mobile suit Embedded Tactical Enforcer) is a Mobile Suit support system used in the Cosmic Era timeline.

The Mobile Suit Embedded Tactical Enforcer, or METEOR, is an armed module designed to support the nuclear-powered ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam and ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam. It is well-armed with several missile launchers distributed throughout its body, a small pair of beam cannons at the sides, a larger pair of beam cannons in front and a pair of beam sword also at the front. Thanks to these heavy armaments, the METEOR has the firepower of a warship or even a mobile fortress, and the Justice Gundam and Freedom Gundam can use their “Multi Lock-On System” to target these weaponry at multiple enemy units and destroy them all at once. The unit has a pair of powerful engines that are derived from those used by ZGMF-1017M GINN High Maneuver Type for high speed movements, it also has its own internal battery, but is designed to draw energy from the Justice and Freedom when docked with either units.

When not used by Freedom and Justice, the METEOR is attached to the hull of the FFMH-Y101 Eternal, a warship designed to support the Justice and Freedom, and can be used as gun turrets in this form. Two METEOR units are later retrofitted with nuclear reactors and N-Jammer canceller to allow non-nuclear powered MS to use them.


* 120 cm High-energy Beam Cannon
A powerful beam cannon that is mounted in the tip of each movable arm unit. The beam cannon’s caliber is warship class and this makes it one of the most destructive weapons to be usable by a MS.
* 93.7 cm High-energy Beam Cannon
A pair of these smaller caliber beam cannons are mounted on the sides of the unit. They are weaker than the 120cm high-energy beam cannons but have higher rate of fire.
* MA-X200 Beam Sword
A pair of large beam swords that are emitted from the movable arm units, they provide the METEOR with close combat capabilities and can easily cut through warships and MS. Each beam sword is generated jointly by the emitters above and below the 120cm high-energy beam cannon.
* 60 cm “Erinaceus” Anti-Ship Missile Launchers
The METEOR has a total of 77 missiles, 22 are mounted in each pod at the side of the unit, another 12 are mounted at the back of each arm unit, and lastly 9 are mounted on the tail fin. These missiles can be fired all at once for a devastating missile barrage and to destroy multiple enemy units.

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