Amazing Mixing Build! MG 1/00 GAT-RX105-2A ADVANCED STRIKE type H: many images, WIP too, full info about this work and credits

A mobile suit manufactured as part of the Actaeon Project, customized as a base defense type for Strike. As soon as it was completed, it was attacked by the mercenary unit “Titans” and stolen, and it was used as the favorite machine of the mercenary unit commander. Mainly active during the war period of CE.73. Both PS armor and VPS armor are used for armor.
The head and legs have been redesigned, and the head is equipped with a high-performance optical sensor unit that allows the complex operation of the “multi-lock-on system” to be handled naturally. It has a built-in “Power Extender”, and has large legs by installing thrusters on the front and rear to take advantage of its high thrust.

Each armament of this unit ambitiously incorporates the technology of the Union, ZAFT, and Orb. Equipped with a pseudo-personality AI at the same level as the “8”, combined with the above-mentioned high-performance optical sensor unit, it achieves maneuverability that is as good as the latest MS.

Based on this setting, I mixed one of Strike’s derivative M, centering on MG Strike ver.RM and MG Advanced Hazel, and made it!
Pictures and description below ↓↓↓

Start from the front!
I use two colors of white.
I had a hard time deciding whether to use navy blue or white, but personally, I chose white because it has a strong meaning as an experimental machine.

I love how much details there are when you look at it from behind.

Titans marks and PS armor and VPS armor decals are pasted on various parts of the MS, but the mercenary unit that hijacked the MS set it as Titans, and because the VPS armor could not be deployed on the whole body, The original strike part is pasted to differentiate it from PS armor only

When viewed from above, the large beam Gatling cannon really stands out.
The shoulders are processed and used from Full Mechanics Calamity!

From diagonally forward (to the left)!
Although it is equipped with a lot of equipment, it can stand on its own because the whole body is well-balanced

From diagonally forward (to the right)!
I feel a little different impression from before, and I really like this shot!

Up photo!
The whole body was thoroughly surface-treated (including surface treatment), so I think I was able to bring out a solid “Gundam-ness”!

Deployment of beer shield (sword)!
・ Hydra Gatling beam cannon x 2
・57mm double shoulder cannon x 2
・ 220mm quadruple multi-purpose missile pods x 2
・ Armor Schneider × 2
・PS-02 beam shield x 2
Basically, it is an image of a mid-to-long range bombardment battle, but since the pilot’s unit commander gets deep into the enemy’s territory and rampages, he makes full use of Armor Schneider and Beam Shield while taking advantage of his high mobility. It’s a setting in my head that I can see a lot of close-quarters battles

Up around the legs!
After all, speaking of hazel, it is a cylinder of the shin
Here I painted it properly and finished it! The black inside the yellow thrusters on the shins and calves are painted separately by masking, and the green sensors are covered with thick metallic stickers that are cut to size.
Below is a description of the production process.

initial plan
At first, I left the strike component quite strong! Around this time, I had the idea of ​​having two shields lol

Second stage!
I used Hazel’s to make the lower body look massive, but it’s unbalanced and feels stuck
For some reason I was suddenly trying to make it as a melee unit lol

Third stage!
It’s getting closer to the finished silhouette, and the direction of the MS has been decided! However, I couldn’t come up with an idea for a backpack, and considering that the strike element has almost disappeared due to the sub-arm on the waist, I will make further improvements from here

the last stage!
This is the final figure before surface treatment! If you look at this far, I think you can see that Eclipse’s beam shield has moved to various places🤣

As for this, I was unconsciously doing the mixing myself, so I noticed it later and laughed by myself lol

State of surface treatment (left: after, right: before)
The whole body was full of gate marks and sink marks, so it took a lot of time to finish the surface
It’s hard to understand, but the 〇 detail on the shin originally had a convex detail from the frame, but I shaved it off and embedded the metal parts to improve the detail

State of painting
This is just the inner frame, but that alone has this amount
Painting can’t go wrong, and since it blows on each part, it’s a job I don’t like, along with surface treatment and digging

frame only photo
I use 4 different colors just for the frame! Gold is used extensively in places that are mostly hidden by the exterior, and it is an accent when you can see it at a glance.

Finally a photo with a white background!
Somehow it became the finished product of the first mixing work in 2022 lol
Recently, there have been a series of works that have been thoroughly renovated, so it was fun to finish a work that I made freely
Thank you for reading to the end!

Work by ワッキー
wacky2121 on Instagram